Pop Strings

Classic and contemporary.

If that describes you and your event, you’ve already got an idea of what makes Backthird string ensembles such a hit with guests. Performing both as trios and quartets, Twin Strings and Gemini Strings light up cocktail and dinner times all over Chicago with a unique instrumental take on modern music hits. The result is an upscale, classy performance that has guests tapping their feet and guessing the next song even as they mingle and enjoy the party.

It’s chart-topping music you already know and love. But with each arrangement created exclusively for Backthird ensembles, you’re literally hearing these songs like you’ve never heard them before.

Song List

…with Piano

STRINGS AND KEYS. Backthird’s core pop strings ensembles consist of four instruments: Violin and cello are front and center, while piano and percussion provide accompaniment. The unusual combination of two “classical” instruments with two “rhythm” instruments is part of what makes this approach to your favorite songs unique.

Want to keep the volume – or the budget – down? You can also book a pop strings piano trio (violin, cello and piano) instead of the full quartet.

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…with Guitar

STRINGS AND STRUMS. The pop strings guitar quartet offers a different twist: Violin and cello are still front and center, while guitar and percussion accompany.

Most pop strings songs can be played on either piano OR guitar, but some songs just feel better with a guitar in the mix. If you’re not sure which sound is right for you, ask your Account Manager for advice – or consider including both guitar AND piano for a fuller sound.

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