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Backthird Entertainment includes seven DJs, two string ensembles and two jazz ensembles – plus more than a dozen assistant DJs.

Each of our performers is unique, with his or her own personal style and taste. But no one is irreplaceable: Musicians have understudies, and we have a backup DJ on call every night we work a wedding. That’s how we ensure that even in emergencies, you’ll have a Backthird performer taking care of you.

We’re not a “contractor” or a “booking agent;” we’re an entertainment business. Our musician team is a tight group of professionals who know each other and work together consistently. DJs are trained and certified according to our own rigorous standards.

But before you meet any of them, you’ll work with our office staff.

Robbie Matteson
Robbie Mattesonaccount manager
Robbie oversees production, training and culture for all our DJs and musicians – he’s the one making sure the right group of people are at the right place with the right gear every single weekend. Robbie is an amateur penny-whistle player, a former youth pastor and an irredeemable Lord of the Rings geek
Stephen Vaughn
Stephen Vaughnaccount manager
Everyone manages a few client accounts at Backthird, but Stephen works with a majority of our wedding couples. That makes him our resident expert on Chicago wedding venues, reception agendas and which DJ is going to do the best job with that obscure family tradition you want to include.
Benjie Hughes
Benjie Hughesfounder
Benjie founded Backthird Entertainment in 2005, and since then has performed at hundreds of events as an MC, DJ and musician. He is the creator of Backthird’s wedding DJ certification program and the music arranger for Twin Strings and Gemini Strings. Benjie writes a majority of the posts for the Backthird blog.
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