Not “just another party.”

Live jazz music is upscale and upbeat – surprising, yet familiar. It’s the perfect complement to receptions in elegant spaces or for couples seeking a certain “vintage” vibe.

Backthird jazz ensembles perform most often as trios (piano, drums and upright bass) and quartets (the trio, plus a guitar). But if you’re working in a limited space – or on a limited budget – a solo piano or a jazz duet is often the perfect choice. Jazz bandleaders can also play piano for your wedding ceremony, which means more live music at a lesser increase to your budget.

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Piano ensembles: Classic, cool and versatile

TRADITION MEETS ORIGINALITY. Jazz is a melting pot, the musical union of African and European traditions. It ranks among the great American contributions to world culture – and seeing it created live today, at your reception, can be just as exciting as it was 100 years ago.

Backthird’s piano ensembles pay tribute to that history. Our core jazz groups are built around the piano trio (drums, piano and upright bass). Include guitar for a fuller sound and more variety, and add a saxophone or vocal for a performance that commands more of your guests’ attention. For smaller spaces, a duet or soloist may fit the bill.

Whatever your ensemble size, piano jazz is upscale and exciting – without being overwhelming. It’s the perfect choice for an event that’s truly out of the ordinary.

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Organ ensembles: Upbeat, energizing and unusual

DINNER GROOVES THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO MOVE. An organ trio or quartet is a whole different live music experience: Funky and soulful, familiar and exciting. Like piano jazz, our organ groups go best during a cocktail hour or dinner time – but there’s a physicality to this music that will have guests bobbing heads and tapping feet. When your organ group packs up and your DJ announces dancing, don’t expect that dance floor to stay empty.

Backthird organ groups play songs your guests may recognize – hits from the Motown, soul and funk eras – but in a style that will seem fresh and new. Organ trios consist of electric guitar, drums and organ. Organ quartets include a horn as well.

Want the best of both worlds? Book a piano trio for your cocktail music, then convert it to an organ trio or quartet for an upbeat dinner set.

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