Not “just another wedding.”

Live jazz music is upscale and upbeat – surprising, yet familiar. It’s the perfect complement to receptions in elegant spaces or for couples seeking a certain “vintage” vibe.

Backthird jazz ensembles perform most often as trios (piano, drums and stand-up bass) and quartets (the trio, plus a guitar). But if you’re working in a limited space – or on a limited budget – a solo piano or a jazz duet is often the perfect choice. Jazz bandleaders can also play piano for your wedding ceremony, which means more live music at a lesser increase to your budget.

Song List

The Humble Organisms

The Humble Organisms are a Chicago-area jazz quartet that blends classic jazz standards with more contemporary jazz styles and movements. Led by upright bassist Andrew Vogt and keyboardist Dan Chase, the Organisms are all full-time musicians working in a variety of musical genres.

The collaboration of four friends looking to push one another to excellence, the Humble Organisms’ club set mixes original music with pop and rock hits – all rendered in a jazz-funk fusion style. At weddings and corporate events, the group trades organs for piano and mixes familiar standards and torch songs with a few surprises.

The organisms can also perform as a quintet, adding either saxophone or a female vocalist to the group’s core of guitar, piano, bass and drums.

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Mark Nelson Trio

Mark Nelson is a versatile pianist often seen performing with his jazz trio (piano, drums and bass) or quartet (the trio plus saxophone).

Mark’s work as a pianist has been recorded for jazz, gospel, rock, and classical projects, and he is the featured artist for a piano and string quintet recording to be featured in the soundtrack to the Auschwitz Memorial Film Project. Mark studied both classical and jazz piano at North Central College in Naperville.

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