DJ Vince Gargaro

How do you win over a room full of wedding guests? If you’re DJ VINCE GARGARO, it helps to have spent more than half your life in the spotlight.

“I did theater and musicals for more than 15 years,” Vince says. “I’ve performed in small, intimate settings and in 6,000-seat theaters. You learn to be prepared, for sure. But in the end, it’s the connection you make with the crowd that matters most. If you don’t resonate with them, nobody’s having a good time.”

At a wedding, that connection starts with a warm welcome – but it all leads to the dance floor.

“Your wedding’s not a performance, so it’s different,” Vince says. “People are there to see you, not me. But it’s still about finding that connection. I know I’ve done that as a DJ when people are all on the same page for the beginning of your night – and all on the same dance floor by the end of it. When people come up to say ‘this is awesome’ or ‘we’re having a blast,’ that’s the best feeling a DJ can have.”

When he’s not geeking out about musical theater, Vince is a passionate follower of Chicago sports (“I know,” he says. “Weird combo.”) Check his availability for your event with this form, or call 630.264.2366 to request a meeting with Vince before you book.

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