You’ll dress up, you’ll kiss, and you’ll walk up and down some aisles. Those are the obvious things, and you know they’re coming.

But you’re in for a few surprises, too.

What’s going to happen at your wedding that you probably don’t know about? Here are the surprises we remember from our own wedding days.

1. You’ll forget everything.

No, not the events – the accessories. On your wedding day, you’ll have a lot on your mind. Don’t expect the bouquet to be one of them.

“I forgot my veil for half the photos,” pop strings violinist Joy Matteson recalls from her own wedding. “And I had an extra bouquet – one with fake flowers – but I still forgot my bouquet before we left for our honeymoon. I mean seriously, it’s not like you’re used to carrying around flowers every day! Have someone be your brain for the day, because you’ll be too busy having fun to remember to bring everything with you.”

2. You’ll be exhausted.

In a good way, absolutely – but don’t underestimate how draining it is to be surrounded by people and full of emotion for an extended period of time. That’s especially true if you or your intended is an introvert. Plan – or steal – short breaks throughout the day with a close friend, a family member or your new spouse. These little pauses may become some of your most cherished memories, and they’ll restore you for the big fun.

And while you’re pausing, make sure you drink lots of water.

5 Things Nobody's Telling You About Your Wedding Day3. That dress needs an instruction manual!

“Wedding dresses can be freakishly complicated when it’s time to make the bustle,” says former Backthird managing director Anna Hammond. “If the maid of honor figures out how to tie/snap/hook everything ahead of time – like at the last fitting – it’ll go faster on the big day and you’ll get to be at your cocktail hour longer.”

4. You won’t see anyone as much as you’d like.

Your wedding is a perfect time to see all of the people who mean the most to you – for a couple minutes each. I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything, but my own wedding was hardly the most intimate time I’ve spent with those friends. If you’ve got a lot of out-of-towners, plan a brunch for the day after your wedding or resolve for an extended catch-up trip some other day (or year). Then enjoy your wedding day for what it is – fast, furious, and unforgettable.

5. It can’t possibly go wrong.

Sure, the DJ’s hair could catch on fire and your florist could deliver 100% cactus by mistake – but how great will that story be to tell your grandkids? The truth is, you’re getting married – and as long as you show up, say “I do” and enjoy yourself, whatever else your big day brings is icing on the cake. Resolve now to enjoy it all – the perfect plans and the little surprises. In the end, it’s that same recipe that makes love grand.

If your wedding’s in the Chicago area, you can get started on your perfect plans by talking with an Account Manager now. (The little surprises? We’ll save those for later.)